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Jamie plays goth girl "Becca" in comedy "What Now". 



Jamie leads feature film "State of Desolation" as "Claire", a spoiled suburbanite who must toughen up in this post-apocalyptic world.


Jamie plays a loud, obnoxious girl in a bar in drama "Beyond the Lights".




Jamie plays "Christine", the wife of an oil man in this horror "Mile Marker Seven".



Jamie plays "Sophia", the leader of a resistance group, in FOX's sci-fi "Secret Children".



Jamie plays a bikini babe in comedy "Mortdecai". 



Jamie plays the lead as tough girl "Nancy" in horror "All Girls Weekend". 


Jamie plays "Sarah", the wife of lead actor Jose Zuniga, in the Spanish drama "A Place in the Caribbean" or "Un Lugar en el Caribe". 


Jamie plays "Alex", the young love interest of the lead character in comedy "Milf". 



Jamie plays "Claire", the makeup artist on a film set in horror "Reel Evil". 



Jamie plays "Sara Greenwood", a member of a cult and the love interest of Berkowitz in horror "Son of Sam".


Jamie plays "Scandal", a super hero, in web series "The Demon in the Dark".


Jamie plays "Maggie", a saleswoman who gets shot in drama/thriller "Absolute Evil".



Jamie plays an airline stewardess in drama "Operation Terror". 



Jamie plays "Madison", the level-headed sister of a police detective in drama/horror/mystery "N.Y.P.D.M.". 



Jamie plays "Mary", a tough FBI agent, in sci-fi "Broken Toy". 



Jamie plays "Hot Goth Chick" in comedy "Celebrity Sex Tape".




Jamie plays "Chloe", the bassist in a female heavy metal band in drama "Mirk Riders".



Jamie plays "Tammy", a strong, loving lesbian in horror "Axeman". 



Jamie plays "Kelly", a girl hiking in the woods, in horror "The Bunnyman Massacre". 



Jamie plays a wicked vampire in horror "Gaki: The Hungry Ghost".



Jamie plays "Cynthia", a smart businesswoman in horror "Lake Death". 



Jamie plays "Catherine Fisher", the sister of her psychotic brother in thriller "Deadly Attraction". 


Jamie plays "Major Lori Stevens" in the United States Army in action film "Justice on the Border".