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I Spit on Your Grave:Deja Vu Christy Hills, Lead Meir Zarchi, In Post-Production
Secret Children Sophia, Lead Hiroshi Nakajima, FOX Studios
What Now Becca, Supporting Ash Avildsen, Gravitas Ventures
Reel Evil
Claire, Supporting
Danny Draven, Full Moon Entertainment
LA Slasher The Detective, Supporting Martin Owen, Archstone
All Girls Weekend Nancy, Lead Lou Simon, UnCorked Entertainment
Kiling Joan Joan, Lead Todd Bartoo, In Post-Production
Tammy, Lead
Joston Theney, Midnight Releasing
Mortdecai Bikini Babe, Cameo David Koepp, Lionsgate
State of Desolation Claire, Lead Jim Towns, In Post

Darling Nikki

Greta, Supporting

Gregory Hatanaka, Cinema Epoch


Alex, Supporting

Scott Wheeler,
Asylum Productions
The 6th Friend
Joey, Lead
Letia Clouston, In Post
Smothered by Mothers Lola, Supporting Brian Herzlinger, In Post
Elder Island Stacy Ryerson, Lead Darrin James, In Post
The Face of Evil
Katy, Supporting
Vito Dinatolo, In Post-Production
Celebrity Sex Tape
Goth Chick, Cameo
Scott Wheeler, Asylum
The Bunnyman Massacre Kelly, Supporting
Carl Lindbergh, Midnight Releasing
Son of Sam Sara Greenwood, Supporting

Ulli Lommel, Lions Gate

13 Days Christine, Lead

Anthony Scarpulla, Buffalo 8 Productions

A Place in the Caribbean Sarah, Supporting Juan Carlos Fanconi, In Post
Hot Bot Schoolgirl Bot, Cameo Michael Polish, In Post
The Interview Sherry, Lead
Mike Derum,
In Post-Production
Beyond the Lights Obnoxious Girl in Bar, Cameo Gina Prince-Bythewood, Relativity Media
Cold Storage Michele, Supporting
James Brown, In Post-Production
The Darkness Hot Waitress, Cameo Greg Mclean, Blumhouse Productions
Scarf Alex, Lead
Yong Dae Lee,
In Post-Production

Lake Death

Cynthia, Supporting

Creep Creepersin,
Inner ViZion Productions

Steampunk Samurai Biker Chick

Boss Reeby, Supporting

Jose Figueroa, Empire Films
In Post-Production
Justice on the Border
Major Lori Stevens,
Spencer Lighte
Operation Terror
Stewardess, Supporting
Paul Cross

Deadly Attraction

Catherine, Lead

Menetie Ejeye, CreateSpace


Caroline, Supporting

Ulli Lommel, Peacock Films,
North American Motion Pictures,
Sunfilm Entertainment
Absolute Evil

Maggie, Supporting

Ulli Lommel, Peacock Films


Christine, Supporting

Afdhere Jama, Oracle Releasing

24 Lies Per Second

Regina, Supporting

Ulli Lommel,
Hollywood House of Horror
Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (Short) Jill, Cameo
Kevin Tancharoen,
Labwork Entertainment
The Demon in the Dark Scandal, Supporting Letia Clouston, Forewarned Films

See Me (Short)

Wife, Supporting

Diane Cornell, Double Trouble Productions

Resident Evil: Resurrection  (Short)

Rebecca Chambers, Supporting

Geovane Marquez
Sunset, Sunrise (Short) Anna, Lead Minkyu Kang, USC

Good Luck (Short)

Amy, Supporting

Ryohei Watanabe

Dead Girl (Short)

Daughter, Cameo

Michael Lutter

The Porcelain Grave (Short) Veronica Damon, Supporting
Kelechi Okoro,
Gutshot Productions

Mirk Riders (Short)

Chloe, Supporting

Dave Becker,
Stampede Productions

Inside (Short)

Popular Girl, Lead

Kelly Langstaff, USC

Struck (Short)

Heather, Cameo

Taron Lexton, TXL Films,
625 Productions

Indian Café (Short)

Dream Nerd Girl, Supporting

Harish Rao,
DesiYou Productions



Deadly Wives, Episode "Body of Water" 

Melanie McGuire, Lead

Discovery Channel

South Park, Episode "Faith Hilling" Planker, Co-Star Comedy Central
Vindicated Victim, Guest Star


1000 Ways to Die (Season 5, Episode 3)

Mental Patient Tracy,

Spike TV, Alex Harvey

Geek Fantasies

Jedi, Guest Star


VIP Passport

Celebrity Girl, Cameo


Tell Me You Love Me

Dancer, Cameo




Broken Toy (Episode 6) Mary, Supporting

Letia Clouston, Forewarned Films

NYPDM (Episode 6) Madison, Supporting

Hal Jordan

Blood Brotherhood Marie, Supporting

Jim Towns, In Post-Production

Not! (Episode 15)

Emily, Lead

Tim Devitt, Tim Devitt Productions

Monster Killers Club

Victim, Cameo

Creep Creepersin,
Creepersin Films


Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Sporty Girl, Principal
Brian Lee Hughes,
Skunk Productions
Toyota  Co-Worker, Principal Bruce St.Clair, HELLO! Productions 
MSN Punk Girl, Principal

Michael Blieden, Radical Media

HP Laptop Concert Goer, Principal The Sweet Shop
Mini Cooper Car Cheering Audience Member, Principal
Bryan Buckley,
Hungry Man Productions


Chali Tuna "Step Yo Game Up"

Interrogator, Lead

James Kapner

Chandler & Ryan Lutz "Summer Nights"

Crazy Girl, Lead Justin Cronkite
Director's Reel Music Video Sad Girl, Lead Rayni Day Productions



One Night Stands


Avery Schreiber Theatre,
North Hollywood, CA

The Butler Did It


Summer Stage, Edwardsville, IL.

The Miracle Worker

Blind Girl

Bradley Theater, Bradley, IL.

Arsenic and Old Lace


Bradley Theater, Bradley, IL.



Ivan S. Markota, Steve Cardwell, Billy Hornbuckle, Courtney Burr at Margie Haber,

Tony Boldi & Jaime Gomez (Improv, Comedy, Scene Study, Method, Commercials) 



Southern Accent, Midwestern Accent, New York Accent, Lifeguard, Ballet, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Running, Roller-Blading, Volleyball, Roller-Skating, Bike Riding, Hiking, Yoga, Kickboxing, Beginning Taekwondo,              Fight Choreography for Film  

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