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Online Content


Jamie plays "Veronica Damon", the lead female character, in crime/mystery "The Porcelain Grave". 





Jamie plays "Madison", the level-headed sister of a police detective in drama/horror/mystery "N.Y.P.D.M.". 



Jamie plays "Mary", a tough FBI agent, in sci-fi "Broken Toy". 



Jamie plays the voice of "Cruel Summer" and "Sally" in cartoon "Coyote Munch Mini-Mart" Episode #3. 



Jamie plays a tough cop in Chali 2na's music video "Step Yo Game Up". 



Jamie plays the adventurous friend of singers Chandler Lutz & Ryan Lutz in their music video "Summer Nights".  



Jamie plays "Emily", the daughter of a free-spirited mom who steals her boyfriend, in comedy "Not! A Mother's Love".