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I love you all! Coming Soon!

March 2016: Ash Avildsen, who booked Jamie in his comedy "What Now" last year, books Jamie in his next film, "American Satan".  Jamie works alongside John Bradley (Game of Thrones) and Mark Boone Junior (Sons of Anarchy).  Also in the film are Malcolm McDowell and Denise Richards.  The film wraps in April.


September 2015: Jamie is thrilled to book the lead role in "I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu", the sequel to the 1978 horror cult classic film "I Spit on Your Grave".  Jamie plays the daughter of the lead actress in the original film, Camille Keaton, who returns in the sequel.  The original writer/director, Meir Zarchi, returns to write and direct the sequel and the horror community goes wild with excitement at the news. Filming wraps in November 2015.  The film is expected to come out in the Fall of 2016. 

July 2015: Jamie books and films in comedy feature film "Smothered by Mothers", starring alongside Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries, Hostel: Part 2), Jim O'Heir (Parks and Recreation), Burt Young (Rocky), and Alice Amter (The Big Bang Theory).  Jamie plays the sexy assistant "Lola" to the lead actor.    

June 2015: Fangoria does an exclusive release of the first teaser trailer of "State of Desolaton", the film Jamie stars in with Craig Stark (Hateful 8, D'Jango Unchained). The supporting cast includes Dominique Swain (Lolita, Alpha Dog), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3), Daniel Buran (True Blood) and Jessica Morris (One Life to Live).  Check out the article: CLICK HERE

May 2015: Jamie books the lead role in horror feature film "Elder Island", playing part of a documentary crew that goes out to an island to discover why so many people have gone missing.  The film is based on true events. Also starring in the film is Dan Hicks (Evil Dead 2).  Jamie films in the movie in June.   

April 2015: The comedy Jamie is in "What Now", releases in select theaters and on DVD, cable and VOD, gaining the attention of the nation.  ABC 7 Eyewitness News does a segment about the film.  


March 2015: Jamie films in "Un Lugar en el Caribe", a Spanish film.  She plays the loving wife of actor Jose Zuniga (CSI, Twilight) in this drama.  Also in the film are Central American film stars Rodrigo Guirao Diaz and Gabriela de la Garza.    

March 2015: "What Now", a comedy feature film, premieres in Beverly Hills, CA on March 10th.  The film releases April 3rd on cable and internet VOD, including such outlets as DirecTV, Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast, Dish, Charter, Cox and many other cable networks!  Also see it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, XBOX, Play Station, and many others! Jamie plays "Becca", an angsty goth chick.  Also acting in the film are Ice-T, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Steven Adler of Guns and Roses, Asking Alexandria, Jeffree Star, Coco Austin, Ash Avildsen, Jim Ross of WWE, and many more.    


Still of Steven Adler of Guns N' Roses & Jamie Bernadette in "What Now": 


"What Now" Trailer: 


February 2015: Jamie books and films as the lead in feature film "All Girls Weekend", an adventure/horror film by the brilliant director/writer Lou Simon.  Jamie plays Nancy, a tough, sarcastic girl who goes on a weekend trip with 4 of her friends and they find themselves in all kinds of trouble.   



January 2015: "Mortdecai", starring Johnny Depp, is released in theaters.  Jamie plays a bikini babe who catches the eye of Johnny and actor Paul Bettany.  Check Jamie out in the trailer below: 



January 2015: Jamie books the lead in feature film "Killing Joan", playing "Joan", an enforcer for the mob who enacts her revenge on those who wronged her.  Jamie did her own stunt work in the film which included floating in the air and fight choreography where Jamie was rigged up and thrown through the air.  The film wraps in February 2015.      




July 2014: "Beyond the Lights" is released in theaters.  Jamie plays a loud, obnoxious girl in the bar, yelling out at the karoke singer, played by Nate Parker, "You're hurting my ears, man!"  The film stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.  


November 2014: Jamie performs voiceover in the funny cartoon "Coyote Munch Mini-Mart" as the character "Cruel Summer" and "Sally".  


July 2014: Jamie books and films in comedy "What Now", playing the angsty goth chick "Becca". Ice-T, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Coco Austin, and Asking Alexandria, among others, are in the cast. This is the first film by the owner of Sumerian Records, Ash Avildsen, under his new film production company Sumerian Films.   

May 2014: Jamie begins filming in director Jim Towns' next feature film "State of Desolation".  Jamie plays the lead role in this post-apocalptic horror film, starring alongside Craig Stark (Hateful 8, Django Unchained) and Dominique Swain (Lolita, Face/Off).  Rounding out the cast are actors Daniel Buran (True Blood), Jessica Morris (One Life to Live), Stefanie Estes (Disaster L.A.), Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6) and Victoria De Mare (Killjoy).

Jamie Bernadette in "State of Desolation" 

Daniel Buran and Jamie Bernadette in "State of Desolation"


May 2014: "The Secret Children", a Sci-Fi/Drama by FOX that Jamie stars in, opens in theaters nationwide in Japan on May 10th.  The Japan Times does an article about the film.  Check it out by clicking HERE.    




May 2014: The official trailer of horror feature film "Mile Marker Seven" is released! Jamie plays the supportive wife of an oilman in this haunting tale.  Check it out:   


Mile Marker Seven (official trailer) from ascarpulla on Vimeo.


May 2014: "Axeman" is released nationwide on DVD on May 6th!  Check Jamie out as one of the leading characters, playing a loving lesbian who is crazy about her girlfriend, in this bloody 80's style slasher! 




April 2014: Jamie is thrilled to be booked in "Axeman 2: Overkill", the sequel to "Axeman", once again playing the courageous, loving lesbian Tammy.  Filming begins in the Fall of 2014.   

April 2014: "Bunnyman Massacre", the sequel to "Bunnyman" premieres on The Chiller Channel on April 18th!  Jamie plays a hiker in the woods who is left alone by her peers to fend for herself.  It will be released on DVD on August 12, 2014.    



February 2014: Jamie films in New York in director Letia Clouston's fan film, along with Dominique Swain (Lolita).   

February 2014: Jamie shoots in film "The Knockout Game", playing a newscaster, starring alongside Dominque Swain ("Lolita", "Face/Off").  The film is accepted into the Cannes Film Festival!    

January 2014: Director of "The Echo Game", Brian Feeney, books Jamie as one of the leading ladies in his next feature film, "The Demoniacs", a horror/fantasy.  Jamie plays a troubled woman looking for her missing sister and stars alongside Jessica Morris ("One Life to Live", "Haunting of the Innocent").  Filming begins this Spring in Italy.  

January 2014: Letia Clouston, director of "The 6th Friend", books Jamie in her fan film.  Jamie will film in New York in February, starring alongside Dominique Swain ("Lolita", "Alpha Dog").  

October 2013: The first stills are released from FOX's "The Secret Children", as the film gets ready to be distributed worldwide.  Jamie plays a lead role as the leader of a resistance group in this Sci Fi/Drama.  Here is a still of Jamie with actor August Coryell. 

October 2013: Jamie books a strong supporting role in feature film "Beautiful Ink", a dark drama about love and drug addiction.  Jamie plays a tough New Yorker with a heroin addiction.  Filming begins in February 2014 in New York.

October 2013: Jamie plays the lead role as "Melanie McGuire" in the Discovery Channel's TV series "Deadly Wives", episode "Body of Water".  Check back to see the air date of the episode.    

September 2013: Jamie begins filming in horror feature film "The 6th Friend", the film she wrote and produced. She stars alongside Dominique Swain (Lolita, Alpha Dog), Jessica Morris (One Life to Live), and Tania Nolan (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans).  

August 2013: Jamie books drama film "See Me", playing a snotty, young, gold-digging wife.  Shooting begins in October 2013. 

July 2013: Director/writer Jim Towns books Jamie to be in his next feature "13 Girls", a supernatural thriller/horror.  Jamie plays the supporting role "Claire", a forensic scientist.  Jamie is thrilled to work with Jim again!  Follow the facebook fanpage to keep up with updates on the film: CLICK HERE


June 2013: Jamie films in horror feature film "Mile Marker 7" out in the Redwoods of Eureka, CA.  Jamie plays a lead role as the supportive wife of an oil man.  The film features Eric Roberts.   

April 2013: Jamie books and films in horror feature film "L.A. Slasher", starring Mischa Barton, Danny Trejo, and Eric Roberts.  Jamie plays a supporting role as a police detective.  The film's expected release date is Fall 2013.   

March 2013: Jamie begins pre-production on her feature film "The 6th Friend", a horror film that Jamie wrote and will produce and also act in.  Filming begins in September 2013.   

January 2013: Jamie books and shoots in FOX Studios' feature film "Secret Children".  Jamie plays a clone who leads a resistence group in this Sci-Fi.  Jamie is booked for the sequel as well.    


December 2012: "Reel Evil", a feature-length, found-footage style horror film by Full Moon Entertainment, starring Jessica Morris (One Life to Live), releases on December 4th.  You can find the movie on DVD, Video On Demand, Direct TV, RedBox.  Jamie plays Claire, a makeup artist on a film set. 



August 2012: Jamie films in feature-length comedy "The Interview", playing the lead as a quirky librarian.  


August 2012: Jamie books and films in "Reel Evil", a feature-length, found-footage style horror film produced by legendary horror director Charles Band, starring Jessica Morris (One Life to Live).  Jamie plays Claire, a makeup artist on a film set.   

July 2012: Jamie books feature-length horror film "The Axeman at Cutter's Creek", playing Tammy, a girl who travels to the woods with her eight friends and finds herself in dire circumstances.  This is an 80s style horror with a new twist!  The film's cast includes Brinke Stevens, Erin Marie Hogan, Elissa Dowling, Tiffany Shepis, Arielle Brachfeld and Chantelle Albers, with former NBA player Scot Pollard as the Axeman. Watch the first teaser: CLICK HERE   


June 2012: Jamie books a national Toyota commercial.  Watch the commerical: CLICK HERE  

May 2012: Episode 6 of the exciting Sci Fi web series "Broken Toy" is released.  Jamie's character is introduced in this episode for the first time in a thrilling car chase scene.  Watch the episode:  CLICK HERE  (Jamie's scene starts about 2 minutes in)

May 2012: Jamie books a horror film called "Cold Storage" and shoots in June. 

April 2012: Jamie works on an HP Spectre Anthem commercial, playing a punk-rock girl at a concert who grabs the singer's legs.  This commercial is not yet airing.

April 2012: Jamie is booked on feature film "Hell Hunters", playing the wife of Colonel Jack Werner, played by William McNamara.  The film also stars Anthony Michael HallMichael Berryman, Bill Moseley, and Lin Shaye.    


March 2012: Jamie shoots as a principal performer in a commercial for MSN, playing a punk rock girl.  CLICK HERE to watch the commercial!  


March 2012: Jamie plays a planker on "South Park" in Season 16, Episode 3 "Faith Hilling", which airs on March 28th, 2012. Jamie appears as herself within the first couple of minutes.  CLICK HERE to watch the episode!  


March 2012: Jamie is interviewed on Asylum Fan Word Press. CLICK HERE to check out her interview. 


March 2012: Celebrity Dialogue writes an article about Jamie starring in the feature-length comedy "The Interview".  CLICK HERE to check out the article.    

February 2012: Jamie is cast in the Sci-Fi feature film "Apocalyptic Playground" as "Agent Severs". Check out the promotional trailer on the film's website: CLICK HERE 

February 2012: Feature film "Celebrity Sex Tape", a comedy by Asylum Productions, releases world-wide on February 2nd.  Jamie plays "Hot Goth Chick".    

Jamie Bernadette with director Scott Wheeler on the set

of "Celebrity Sex Tape" at Asylum Productions


February 2012: Jamie is interviewed on Blog Talk Radio! Listen to her interview: CLICK HERE 

January 2012: Jamie films in feature film "Scarf", playing the leading female role as an anorexic drug-addict who is looking for her missing sister.  Jamie stars alongside Bonsun Koo. Avalon Robbins ("The Three Stooges") plays the younger character of Jamie's missing sister.  

December 2011: Jamie films in episode #8 of the critically-acclaimed web series "Broken Toy".   

December 2011: Jamie is cast as "Greta" in Cinema Epoch's feature film "Darling Nikki", starring James Duval ("Donnie Darko", "Gone in 60 Seconds"). Filming begins this month and continues into February 2012.  

December 2011: Jamie is cast as the leading female role "Katy" in feature-length horror film "The Face of Evil", directed by Vito Dinatolo.  Filming begins in March 2012.

December 2011: Jamie is cast in the short film "Resident Evil: Resurrection" that will release at Wondercon 2012. Jamie plays "Rebecca Chambers", a rookie member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, a branch of the Raccoon City Police Department that handles specialist cases.  



November 2011: Episode 6 of "NYPDM", a Sci-Fi web series about NY detectives in a world where monsters are real, is released. Jamie plays "Madison", the sister of the series' lead detective. Who is a monster and who is not? And what kind of monster? See the episode here:

November 2011: Jamie is featured on Who is that Hot Ad Girl Website?  Check it out here:

October 2011: Asylum Productions casts Jamie in their next comedy "Celebrity Sex Tape". Jamie works again with director Scott Wheeler, who directed Jamie in the comedy "Milf", which was globally released.  Jamie plays "Goth Chick" in Asylum's new film, due out in early 2012. 

October 2011: "Mirk Riders" short film, starring Alisha Seaton ("The Fourth Kind"), Daniel Buran ("True Blood"), newcomers Victoria Taylor and Rob Delevere, and Jamie Bernadette as the deranged bassist in an all-female heavy metal band, is accepted into the Valley Film Festival and will premiere there on November 12th. Check out the Valley Film Festival site for more details: 

October 2011: Jamie is cast in feature film "Rave Diggers", playing "Stacey", an eighteen year old tough, punk chick who sells ecstasy.

October 2011: Jamie books the lead role in short film "Sunset, Sunrise" that films the same month.  

September 2011: Jamie is cast in feature film "The Camera Never Lies", a dark comedy/thriller.  Jamie will play "Clarice", a religious and highly intelligent model. This film will be bold, brutal and bloody!

August 2011: Jamie lands the role of "Kelly" in the much-anticipated "Bunnyman 2", the sequel to "Bunnyman".  Filming begins in September.  Check out the trailer for the film: CLICK HERE  


Jamie on the set of "Bunnyman 2"


August 2011: Short film "Mirk Riders" is accepted into the Raindance Film Festival in London.  Jamie plays the hard-core bassist in an all-female heavy metal band.  Check out the film on the Raindance website here:,7983,0,0,1,0

July 2011: Jamie is cast as the female lead in feature film "The Scarf", a dark drama. Jamie plays an anorexic model searching for her sister who has disappeared.  Filming begins in January 2012. 

July 2011: Jamie is interviewed on Dr. Gore's Funhouse.  Check out the interview here:

July 2011: Jamie is cast in the critically acclaimed web series "Broken Toy". Jamie will play a tough chick who is in a Blackwater-type group because she has been institutionalized a number of times for violent behavior.  Check out the series here on YouTube: and check out the series web site:  Jamie begins filming in August. 

Still of Jamie in "Broken Toy"


June 2011: Jamie plays a rape victim who accuses the wrong man on BET network's TV series "Vindicated". 

May 2011: Jamie is cast as the lead in feature-length horror film "A Promise Made", a vampire film.  Jamie will once again return to the screen with actor Matt O'Neill who she starred with in feature drama "365 Days".


April 2011: does an interview on Jamie.  Check it out here:

March 2011: Jamie films in feature film "Operation Terror", playing a supporting role as Flight 175 Stewardess in this drama about the events leading up to September 11th.  Paul Cross directs. Click Here for "Operation Terror" Trailer

On set on "Operation Terror". From Left to Right: Actor Randy Fratkin, Actor Paul Savage, Director Paul Cross, Jamie Bernadette, Actor Gregory Scott Stone, Actor Jeff Johnson

February 2011: Jamie plays Lori Stevens, a Major in the U.S. Army, in the feature film "Justice on the Border", an action/adventure film. 

Still of Jamie Bernadette and Pete Freeland in "Justice on the Border"


January 2011:  The web series "Not!" that Jamie shot in is awarded a prestigious Award of Merit for the premier episode "Trevor & Heidi & Roger & Sam" in The Accolade Competition.  Read the full article here:

January 2011: Jamie shoots in the web series "NYPDM" as the free-spirited sister of a police detective.  The web series is an investigative thriller set in a world where monsters are real. Check out the trailer here: and the series website here:


  NYPDM Poster                                                                            Still of Jamie in "NYPDM"

December 2010: Jamie lands a Mini Cooper car commercial "Cram it in the Boot" that premieres at the 2011 Superbowl. 

December 2010: Jamie books a supporting role in Jim Towns' web series "Blood Brotherhood", playing the wife of an assassin played by William Christopher Ford.


November 2010: Jamie books a supporting role in the feature film "Steampunk Samurai Biker Chick" produced by Tina Pavlides and directed by Jose Figueroa.  Jamie will play a no-nonsense business owner in this futuristic film.  The film will be part of a trilogy, along with the film "San Francisco 2177" starring Dominique Swain,and Houndz from Hell. Filming begins in December. 



November 2010: Jamie plays an FBI agent in the trailer for feature film "Six Shots" directed by David Groves.  Jamie worked with a stuntman on set and performed a choreographed fight scene, one stunt, and a couple other scenes.  See the trailer here (Jamie is after the scene where the guy is tied up and he and the blond woman are arguing):  


October 2010: Feature film "Milf" by Global Asylum Productions is released on DVD.  Jamie plays the lead's college love interest. The film reaches #39 on the IMDB movie meter the second week after it's release.  Here is one review of "Milf":

Watch the trailer for "Milf" here:



Jamie Bernadette with Director Scott Wheeler               Jamie Bernadette with lead actor Jack Cullison on 

on the set of Milf                                                                       the set of Milf  


 October 2010: Jamie plays the lead as an interrogator in Chali Tuna's music video "Step Yo Game Up" directed by James Kapner. If you are having trouble viewing the video below, click here to see it:



September 2010: Jamie lands a co-star playing a mental patient in Spike TV's "1000 Ways to Die" directed by Alex Harvey. 


September 2010: Jamie begins filming in the feature "365 Days", directed by Menetie Ejeye.  Jamie plays the lead, a troubled college student, in this dark

drama about a dysfunctional family.  Keep up with the film on the film website: 


August 2010: Jamie books a role supporting the lead in Mike Derum's feature-length comedy "The Interview".  Jamie will play a quirky librarian.  Filming begins in 2011. 


July 2010: Jamie plays a supporting role as a film editor in the feature film "Apart", directed by Afdhere Jama


July 2010: Jamie performs a cameo role as a nurse in the feature film "Rift" directed by LazRael Lison. View the trailer here:


July 2010: Jamie performs several shows in the sketch comedy "One Night Stands" at the Avery Schreiber Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. Jamie plays a whacky girl, a bit of a psychotic, who is out for more than just a one-night stand, to the dismay of her partner.


July 2010: Jamie performs a cameo role as a girl who gets her guts eaten out in Creep Creepersin's web series "Monster Killers Club". 


July 2010: Jamie plays a leading role in Chandler and Ryan Lutz's music video "Summer Nights", directed by Justin Cronkite.  Jamie plays the role of "Crazy Girl".  If you are having trouble viewing the video below, click here to view it:  


























June 2010: Jamie lands a national Garnier Fructis shampoo commercial that airs in Mexico, Canada, nationally throughout the U.S., and on the internet.  Watch the commercial here:


June 2010: Jamie shoots in Asylum Production's feature film "Milf", directed by Scott Wheeler.  Jamie plays a supporting role as the lead's love interest.  Release date is October 18, 2010. 


May 2010: Jamie performs a supporting role in "Lake Death", a feature length horror film directed by Creep Creepersin.  Jamie plays a snarky lawyer who meets up with her classmates for a high school reunion. If you are having trouble viewing the trailer below, click here to view it:



May 2010: Jamie books the lead role in the feature film "Manhaters", targeted to begin shooting in November 2010.  Jamie will play an abused woman who toughens up in jail and will have several choreographed fight scenes.  Jim Towns will direct. 


Jamie Bernadette in an early poster for "Manhaters!"


April 2010: Jamie plays a girl estranged from her mother, who comes looking for her after her death in "Dead Girl".  This short film was directed by Michael Lutter and starred Kirsten Berman and Courtney Harris.


April 2010: Jamie performs a cameo as a prostitute who gets picked up and brought to the station in the short film "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth", starring Jeri Ryan and Michael Jai White, Matt Mullins, Lateef Crowder, Ian Anthony Dale, James Lew, directed by Kevin Tancharoen and produced by James McQuaide.


March 2010: Jamie films in the short film "Lucky" directed by Ryohei Watanabe.  She plays a cranky girlfriend fed up with her boyfriend's obsessive healthy behavior.


March 2010: Jamie stars in the comedic web series "NOT!" Episode #15 "A Mother's Love" alongside J Walker and Michele Renee Allaire, directed by Tim Devitt of Tim Devitt Productions. Jamie is the daughter of a free-spirited mother who steals her boyfriend.  Check out the NOT! website here:   If you are having trouble viewing the episode below, click here to view: 




March 2010: Jamie is cast as the comic book character "Manhunter: Kate Spencer" now in pre-production.  Jamie first completed an acting audition for the role then a fight audition for which she worked with seasoned fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, stuntman and actor, McKay Stewart.  Jamie is preparing for the role by doing kick-boxing and taekwondo.


jamie bernadette


February 2010: Jamie shoots in the short film "The Porcelain Grave", co-starring alongside Nicholas Hope in the 33-page psychological thriller.  Jamie plays a friendly, but stressed-out young woman who has more on her mind than just meeting a nice guy.  The film is festival-bound.



January 2010: Jamie goes into pre-production on the short film she wrote “For Fear”.


September 9, 2009: Jamie gets cast in the web/online TV series tentatively entitled “Lava Love”, produced by DesiYou Productions.  Jamie plays a comedic role as a college student. 


June 2009: Jamie wraps on Mirk Riders, a film in which she plays a drugged-out bassist in a heavy-metal, all-girl band.  If you are having trouble viewing the trailer below, click here:





                             Victoria Taylor, Alisha Seaton & Jamie




























February 2009: Absolute Evil, starring David Carradine, is released in Germany and screens at the 2009 Berlinale Film Festival.


David Carradine and Elissa Dowling

Elissa Dowling and Jamie

Joshua Fredric Smith

and Jamie


September 2008: Son of Sam is released through Lions Gate on DVD.


January 2008: Jamie plays a furniture saleswoman who gets robbed in the film Absolute Evil, starring David Carradine.



September 2007: Jamie is a featured dancer on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me, season 1, episode 3, starring The Forgotten’s Michelle Borth and FlashForward’s Sonya Walger.


August 2007: Jamie wraps on Nightstalker a film directed by Ulli Lommel.  She plays a runaway who seeks refuge in the wrong house and ends up murdered.  


July 2007: Jamie plays the lead—the queen bee of the cool group in high school—in the UCLA Graduate film “Inside” the story about an ugly-duckling trying to fit in with the popular girls.  


June 2007: Jamie has a cameo in the film, “Struck” starring Bodhi Elfman, Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston, Ethan Suplee, Beth Riesgraf, Marisol Nichols, Erika Christensen and Jason Dohring.



April 2007: Jamie plays a comedic role in Ulli Lommel’s film “24 Lies Per Second”, a story about the wacky incidents in the life of a Hollywood director.


March 2007: Jamie plays “Cassie Devin”, a tough, sexy spy, in the video game pilot “The Agency”.



March 2007: Jamie wraps on Indian Café, a short film produced by DesiYou Productions.


Jamie, Pratima Anae, Kiran Shergill, and Thomas Tevana.

Jamie Bernadette




Indian Cafe' Trailer



January 2007: Jamie plays the love interest of the serial killer in Son of Sam a film shot through killer David Berkowitz’s viewpoint directed by Ulli Lommel.




Yogi Joshi & Jamie




August 2006: Jamie plays a Jedi for a pilot called “Geek Fantasies” on G4TV.  


June 2006: Jamie stars in a music video for a director’s reel, wherein she plays an estranged teenager.   


May 2006: Jamie plays the lead in the short film “Hero” at the New York Film Academy, a story about a shy, quirky guy trying to get the prettiest girl in the office to notice him.