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Jamie Bernadette grew up in Kankakee, Illinois, a small town 70 miles south of Chicago.  She was born the youngest of nine children.  Jamie has four sisters and four brothers.  At four months of age, Jamie’s father passed away, leaving her mother to single-handedly raise nine children—the oldest child only thirteen years old.  Jamie attributes her and her siblings’ strengths—very responsible, industrious and self-sufficient—to this hardship.

Jamie began as a theatre actress before she ventured out to Los Angeles. Since moving to LA, Jamie has since acted in thirty-five feature films, twelve short films, seven television shows, five internet web series, five commercials, and performed as the lead in two music videos. Jamie’s early credits include features by cult classic director Ulli Lommel, including "Absolute Evil" starring David Carradine. Jamie gained notoriety and a large fanbase from her role as "Alex" in the globally-released teen comedy "Milf", which is often compared to the popular "American Pie".   

Jamie's recent works include "I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu", the sequel to the original horror cult classic film "I Spit on Your Grave", in which Jamie plays the lead as "Christy Hills", the daughter of "Jennifer Hills", played by Camille Keaton who was the star in the original film.  The film is expected to release in late 2016.  Also coming out in 2016, is "The 6th Friend", a feature-length horror film that Jamie wrote and produced.  Jamie stars alongside Dominique Swain (Lolita, Alpha Dog).  We should also see "Smothered by Mothers" in 2016 in which Jamie played a supporting role as "Lola", starring alongside such greats as Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse; The Princess Diaries), Burt Young (Rocky) and Jim O'Heir (Parks and Recreation).  Jamie just finished filming in "State of Desolation", starring alongside Craig Stark (Hateful 8Django Unchained) and acting with a strong supporting cast including Dominique Swain, Daniel Buran (True Blood), Jessica Morris (One Life to Live) and Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3).  In April 2016, "All Girls Weekend", a horror feature film that Jamie stars in, comes out, and we should expect to see "Elder Island", another horror feature Jamie stars in come out in later 2016.  In the year of 2014 alone, Jamie had a long list of films that came out including FOX's "The Secret Children", which stars Elyse Cole of "Divergent", horror film "The Bunnyman Massacre", the long-awaited sequel to "Bunnyman", and horror film "Axeman".  In 2015, Jamie made an appearance next to Johnny Depp in "Mortdecai" and again, had a long list of films that came out including comedy feature film "What Now" with music stars Ice-T, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Steven Adler of Guns and Roses, Asking Alexandria and Jeffrey Star.    
Jamie enjoys writing poetry and is in the process of compiling a book for publication.  She also loves camping, hiking, hanging out with her dog "Walter" and visits home to her big family in Illinois.
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